Which Guard?

When ordering a mouthguard you need to make sure you also choose the right thickness of guard for the type of sport you play. Please read our mouthguard guide below for reference.The recommendations for thickness of guard while competing in different sports are as follows.

Guard Thickness
Light = 3mm approximately
Heavy = 4mm approximately
Spartan = 4mm with hard insert of 1mm approximately

Younger people under the age of 12 or who still have milk teeth and people with orthodontic bands will require, 3mm with impact dispersion band. Anyone with fixed orthodontic appliance, fixed retainer or has loose crowns fillings or is otherwise concerned about their dental health should not use our home Impression system and should have a dentist, clinical dental technician or other appropriately trained dental professional inspect their teeth and take a dental impression for them.



Mouth Guard Sport Guide
(Please note this is only a guide and sports participants may require greater levels of protection.)

Sport  Guard Type recommended
Acrobatics  light Impact
American Football  Heavy Impact
Baseball  Heavy Impact
Basketball  Heavy Impact
BMX (Wearing Helmet)  Light Impact
Boxing  Heavy or Spartan
Cricket  Heavy or Spartan
Equestrian  Heavy Impact
Gymnastics  Heavy Impact
Handball  Heavy Impact
Horse Riding  Heavy Impact
Hurling  Heavy or Spartan
Hockey, Ice, Roller Etc  Heavy or Spartan
Kick Boxing  Heavy or Spartan
Lacross  Heavy or Spartan
Martial Arts  Heavy or Spartan
Mixed Martial Arts  Heavy or Spartan
Motor Cross (Wearing Helmet)  Light Impact
Motor Racing (Wearing Helmet)  Light Impact
Netball  Heavy Impact
Polo  Spartan
Rugby  Heavy or Spartan
Roller Derby  Heavy or Spartan
Skateboarding  Heavy or Spartan
Skiing  Heavy or Spartan
Football  Heavy Impact
Volleyball  Heavy Impact
Wrestling  Heavy Impact